DMD hedo with HOF limitless

Yeah Issa gg


There’s like quadrillion players I would be scared more than him


He doesn’t have base 11 but his dribbling package is still deadly in the right hands, not to mention he’s 6’10

Could you do a price check for him on Xbox?


there’s none up

Can’t search by name. He’s glitched I think. Diamond, SF, Magic


good looks

goddamn he’s going for 100k

nvm some up for 60k

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He went from sub 40k to 60k+ real quick. YouTubers are gonna drive it up more for at least a day

And you can still heavily contest him with Isaiah.

Anyone have any thoughts on the new Hedo? I’m stuck at work for another 3 hours but I’m gonna have someone get on my account and cop some cards for me

Holy shit. Just found one posted for 30k with white Kobe ADs (kind of a waste but w/e) and this card is fkin disgusting lol. Just getting whatever shot I want

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Even without em bro. The moving shot is tooooo good not to mention this man has magic like post moves

i bought 15 of them at 20k looking at a 200k profit sunday


was gonna do this but i’m worried about a promo friday. did cop two at 20k and sold for 40k

it was either a estimated 50k lost or a 250k profit i had mt to spare so i went for it

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i regret not going for it, would of gave me a nice return

i regret not buying 500k worth like i was going to but its all good