DM Trae Young

I’m probably the only person on the site that cares but I’m really excited for DM Trae


So its guarantee that we get him, as long as we log in for 7 days.

yes sir

i love this idea, not even a good card, but there are sooo many trae young fans that’ll get to use this card.


Hard to be mad about a free DM card of a popular player.


He’ll be a fun card to use offline. Glad 2K are doing stuff like this for players they know won’t sell packs


They introduced the wheel with amethyst steve nash in season 1 and completely abandoned the idea of weekly login players (until now)

Glad they brought it back


Amethyst Steve Nash was 2K20 week 1 I think, lol

They’ve forgotten about it for almost two years


agreed. good idea for sure

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Yeap that was 2k20

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Trae young has made an eternal enemy for knicks fans :cold_face:


It’s nice to see a real sports rivalry instead of everybody trading jerseys at the end.


the bow and the shushing was so surreal and thrilling

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Really wanting to beat your opponent is what brings out the very best in athletic competition, there’s just so many examples.


If 2K decides to give out even a DM 6’7" SG (say, Glen Rice or Gerald Wallace) in these weekly rewards - absolute props. Close to Christian Wood/TJ Warren levels of W

None of these cards I assume would come close to making my squad, but that doesn’t matter - they’re free for doing nothing but pressing a couple of buttons. Keep in mind you don’t even have to play the game for these cards lol

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Glen Rice would be FIRE or maybe im biased but a Cam Reddish also

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2K isn’t giving out a clone of Paul George for free haha

If they don’t give Rice his Wade base from last year, I can definitely see him being given out. He’d still be okay even without that Wade base

maybe Allen base on VQ would be equally as good.

Rice’s base 14 is as good, if not better than his Wade base.

13 you meant right ?

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