DM Coach Stats

To all my potential lockers, I know I can’t be the only one on the edge of their seat waiting to see this Triangle boost. Whoever gets Big Ben first let us know.


I’m leaning toward skipping the Golden Age coach and picking up a bucket of fried chicken today instead…


Any PC guys able to figure it out yet?

Hate to tag you guys and bother, it’s just that it is so much MT to lock and I don’t want to be the test dummy :joy:
@element @KennyMcK69

Nothing changed, expect a shit show after locking


Ben Wallace agenda doesn’t seem too nice to me lol, i may be glad if not worth a damn lock.

Is it online ?

I’m tryna finish Lebron challenges now but I wish we could know the boost

reward Lebron challanges, all of em lol. Haven’t done a single before.

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Have them all, so I am finished ?

If you finished the one they released today then yeah.


Ugh on this! I am stuck on shooting 3s with him as I went for the defensive upgrade. He was 2/40 from deep before I gave up on that. This is going to be a 10-hour grind for Wallace.



Triangle boosts are really bad. I don’t know if its PC problem or not


Just use Lebron in pro challenges ur best chance of hitting some threes

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play a rookie dom game instead, much easier for 3s

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Yeah… I mean if you’re boosting pass perception and defensive consistency on your center those are just useless.

I’d lock even if it was just +4 speed and +10 three and nothing else… that +4 speed on center is so vital.

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rookie dom game, Quick Chest play from the current Blazers playbook (play LBJ at SF or assign the play to him), it will take you 15 shots max to score 10 3s, believe me (and you can use the rest of the game to gain xps with other players, or just let the clock run if you do not need xps)


Only physicals can be noticed i think , a lot of attributes work with thresholds and a lot of stats will not impact the game

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Exactly man…

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