D'Lo is a Warrior

I am so hyped, 2 of my favourite point guards are now in fav team! Rip Warriors defense though :joy::joy:



Makes no type of sense. At least DLo will shoot better

Like are they running

Defense about to suck some booty

Forget about defense they won’t be able to grab a board

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That’s exactly what they’re running. Dlo played the 2 alot in college. He had experience paying off dinwiddie too. Warriors didn’t have many options for bigs. Boogies wack and vucevic resigned.

Randle would have been nice but I don’t think bro lo would have been a great fit . Dlo will be great in a mature environment. Damian Jones is due for a big year

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Wow even Bell. This is dumb now. Should have just given randle a deal

It does, since it’s a sign and trade you don’t get to choose very much… KD chose the Nets, so you get what the Nets have to offer. Would’ve been cool getting Jarrett Allen, but Warriors still got Brooklyn’s best player. Harris would have been a Klay copy with no defense.

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As a Warrior fan, losing Iguodala hurts more than KD :sob: He was still a defensive beast and had a lot to give still


20m a year to randle definitely wouldn’t solve their cap issues

Yeah no doubt it’s really gon sting when he a Laker. He will never wear a Grizzlies jersey lol

He’s not gonna get that but it would def help. 20 to dlo does?

You guys lose so much only to get a trade asset…

Randle got a 3 yr 63m deal

Agree with you there. Losing Iggy stung more than KD. He’s been here since the beginning of the 5 year run and has contributed so much. Always professional and played with so intelligently. Going to miss him.


I don’t know where he’ll end up, but he’s great for any franchise. Of course would be wasted as a Grizzly


From the bum ass Knicks he didn’t even meet with ya he would have taken less. Also it’s a short 3 year vs your we believe in DeAngelo 114 mil deal. DOUBLE THE MONEY

Damn this sounds like chemistry issues just waiting to happen

Warriors got a great asset for KD instead of nothing.

Can’t be anything but a good thing.