Discussing KD’s injury and Warriors accountability

Last night KD left the game early in the 2nd quarter from an Achilles injury after being cleared to play by Golden States team doctors. One would have to think that this isn’t just bad luck. This has to be directly related to the injury that he suffered during the Rockets game. A lot of people in media and fans speculated that he hurt his Achilles in that rocket series, but Steve Kerr & team doctors reported it as a lower calf strain.

During this Toronto series media reported that members of the Warriors staff and teammates were questioning the seriousness of KD’s injury and why he didn’t play in game 4. It created a narrative that KD somehow wanted the team to lose and other crazy theories. Basically he’s been being coerced or persuaded into coming back early to appease fans, media, teammates etc. Klay Thompson only missed 1 game with an hamstring injury, Looney has been playing through a chest injury, Demarcus playing after a previous torn Achilles and then a very recent quad injury makes me question the Warriors staff integrity. There’s no way KD should have been on that court yesterday. Achilles injuries have ended plenty of careers. Not many success stories after that injury.

I have more respect for KD after playing through that injury. I hate to see an all time great go down that way. It makes me think that Kawhi Leonard definitely made the right decision by going see outside doctors and not returning until he felt fully healed. The team’s doctors best interest is indeed the team’s and not the player. I wish KD a speedy recovery, but I can’t help , but feel like the Warriors staff needs to be investigated by the NBA.

Skip and Shannon give insight on the injury. They believed he had an Achilles tear during the Rockets series and speak on similar situations.


if his first injury was an achilles tear he would’ve had immediate surgery

shit happens, media needs a new narrative everyday

its very sad & unfortunate, if he didn’t play then ppl would call him a bitch – now he plays & gets hurt & gsw are bad management

ppl need to stfu & enjoy the game


But what’s the chances of most people calling Kd’s injury an Achilles injury in the Rockets series at the time? And now weeks later he actually has an Achilles injury. A lot of knowledgeable people said that 1st injury looked a lot worse than a calf strain. From the way he moved to wear he put his ice.

I mean the media reporting these rumors are also the same people that go on and on about KD’s legacy and pressure him to have to prove his worth and play while not 100%

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Durant sacrificed his Achilles for our respect


idk, kd & his inner circle aren’t idiots – his body is worth multi hundred millions, so i doubt they aren’t doing their own work to figure out his medical situation – if he had an achilles tear they would know & they wouldn’t allow him to play

kevin’s reaction to the incident has only been positive towards his teammates & gsw in his IG post

the media heads & social media warriors just always need some dramatic narrative to cling to IMO

let them play & enjoy the game – these drama narratives are forreal ruining the NBA


Exactly right. An achilles tear would have been detected by a squadron of doctors. Sorry, it wasn’t a tear. Skip and Shannon are clowns for suggesting this.

Amen. I love how the Media refers to itself as the Media, then absolves itself of wrong-doing. Last I checked, Skip and Shannon ARE THE MEDIA. They’ve questioned KD. Just like a lot of other people in the Media. Now they’ll concoct a new narrative where the Warriors are the one’s who pressured him to play and not THEM, the FANS, KD himself, etc.


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If he allowed organizational or media pressure get to him, I wouldn’t be surprised (after all, he uses burner twitter accounts), but the man is 31 years old, there is nobody to blame but himself. This isn’t some college kid that got pressured to play, he’s a grown ass adult and a multi-millionaire.


Skip and Shannon are clowns.

Full stop.


What did the MRI tell us today?

The warriors are averaging 1.5 injuries per week -_-

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Sorry but what would skip and Shannon know? They aren’t medical professionals, they are media personalities.

His first injury was a calf, he came back too soon and that lead to an Achilles injury. If he had an Achilles injury first time he would have already had surgery like others have said.

These media people don’t know what they’re talking about. Doctors do. Here’s an actual medical professional talking about the injuries:

Looking at the video, it looks more like a rupture to me. Still really shitty though.

They’re not merely media personalities, but media personalities who have a schtick that is centered around overstating extreme views and arguing about them.

It’s entirely possible that the “calf injury” involved the Achilles. The Achilles is basically a continuation of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles that comprise “the calf.”

But, nobody on this forum knows enough to have ventured a meaningful diagnosis of his “calf injury” or last night’s “Achilles injury.” Or the connection between the two, or the probability of the latter following the former.

Or to question the physicians who had examined, monitored, treated, etc. him.

Anyone here who is making medical pronouncements with an air of certainty are just dressing up speculation in nonexistent authority. Doesn’t mean that the speculation is automatically incorrect, but it is, nonetheless, speculation.

And I doubt anyone here who is questioning the medical team who handled KD’s case even knows who that team is comprised of, what their experience and credentials are. And they certainly do not know what test results indicated, or did not indicate, and do not have any knowledge as to what that medical team told KD, or didn’t tell him.

Leave the charade of being an instant expert on every possible topic to the Hot Take Talking Heads like Skip and Shannon.

We don’t have a TV show that is based on pretending we know everything and can wait for more concrete information before reaching dramatic conclusions.

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This 100%.
That is also why some Players get more hostile towards reporters or the media in general. Instead of sticking to the facts they pull out the opinion of a mysterious source within the organization and start their narrative.
So far there is no sign of behind the doors drama in the bay if you actually stick to the info from the characters that are directly involved.

@HarryLundt Do you think KD’s injury will have serious impact on the upcoming Free Agency? On First take the analyst believed that this injury basically forces KD to opt into another year with the Warriors. He has a 31 million dollar player option. He can opt in and take the time he needs to get healthy. They also said they don’t see him and kyrie teaming up anymore and pointed out that by the time KD is back from this injury he will be 31 and possibly 32 when he’s back to his normal self.

Kerr should have limited his minutes. Playing him without a minute restriction is a terrible decision.


He was healthy enough to play but playing him heavy minutes in that situation just coming off a calf injury isn’t smart. He should have played 25 minutes at MAX and he could have still given them good production in those minutes. No point in pushing it. Bob Myers shouldn’t be criticized for that. It’s on the coaching staff.

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He only played 12 minutes and was hurt. Minutes restriction wouldn’t have fixed that. Not a 25 minute cap at least.

I seen the same show today and yes I think it’s highly likely he opts in due to the uncertainty in receiving help. One year removed from the injury his perceived value will almost certainly be higher than it is now especially if he can get in the last 15-20 games of next regular season and carry a 30mpg average within the playoffs which isn’t an unforeseeable thing.