Dirk or Vince Signature series incoming this week?! 🧐

Also Ronnie said a lot of people like this player too!!

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Vince or Dirk virtually guaranteed…


Dirk passed a milestone today 6th in scoring… he will have his this Friday

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I’d take both.

But I need a PF right now Gotta be Dirk :wink:

Lowkey better than Big C’s prediction

Dirk gonna be my new Center

Spoiler: it’s Rudy Gay


How much would a Limited Dirk with like 12 HOF badges and 70 speed go for?

I wonder what the actual players getting the signature series would feel. Must feel great :slight_smile:

ALOT cos we lacking bigs

about less than 500K IMO

Sig Series Tony Parker incoming

Don’t even

CPU Tony Parker is OP

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On par with GO Magic

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I think 80% Dirk 20% Vince

idk how but man he did not miss and locked up.

Would anyone use a Tony Parker with 34 HoF badges?

Was gonna say Luc Mbah a Moute , but okay