Dirk and Wade added to Allstar game

I mean I guess why not.

It’s the last year we’ll get to see these 2 amazing players with amazing legacies


Finally, respect. Wade better be on Lebrons team

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Cool way to show respect without taking a roster spot from more deserving players


I like this. Now all we need is Dirk to win the 3pt contest


This is why I’m cool with it. If it would’ve come at the expense of someone else building their own legacy I wouldn’t have agreed.

Yup this is how it should be

Who did they replace?

They are “special roster additions”

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If one of them come back next yr I’m crying :joy: at this shit.

why didnt Vince get added too :thinking:


Not quite the same kind of legacy. Plus he’ll probably play again next year lol

Vince is like when Pierce tried to do the farewell tour after Kobe. “They don’t love you like that” lmao


Wack. Should have been given to deserving players like Lonzo or Luka.

That was so savage


Lonzo an Allstar :joy:

I mean he’s only like the 7th best pg in his conference so why not

Actually now that I think about it. He might be like the 10th best point guard out west

Because its not his last year

But they should.

Vince for 5 years I believe was the #1 All-Star Vote Getter

He’s like the 3rd best PG on the Lakers lol

Steph, Dame, Russ, Jrue, Conley, Murray, Fox all indisputably better than Lonzo at this moment. You can even add Rose to that list


I think you might have misunderstood the joke my guy

Nah I was just accentuating your point but by adding actual facts to my original statement lol

It’s gon be so lit seeing everyone root for him man

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