Dion Waiters gives no *****

I like it lol, I heard he wasn’t a hard worker but he look like he changing that, they putting on a pregame show and he still on the court putting up shots


Gotta get them reps in lol

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They doing shit mid court, buddy still out there in the dark going one on one with a trainer lol, I like that, I like that lol

Do not ever believe in someone who sucked too much for Cleveland to keep.

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Like LeBron hahahahahahha


Unless I’m forgetting something, it was Cleveland who sucked too much to keep leBRon


Listen… as a life long cas fan I can say there are a few things dion can do good… like if dion drove to the basket and tried to finish he would be great… but then he starts shooting and it shows what he doesn’t do good


This guy thought he was a max player. Delusional athletes are the best tv


Normally petravork is outta pocket, but I have to agree, I never liked waiters

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Wait, so he wants people to think he’s working hard when a full arena plus a TV audience is watching? Let me know when he’s putting in the hours late at night by himself. That’s what the real hard workers do.

So he’s pretty much like a bledsoe type of player? I’ve never really watched dion play

Hes like JR Smith


Hey don’t disrespect Kobe/Wade

He’s been putting shots before the game since he’s been signed, he did it against the bucks before anyone was there, gotta research before you start trashing him

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Everyone puts up shots before game ? , he’s still shooting when they have entertainment performing

Not trashing him, I’m just not going to put him on a pedestal for doing his job.

Im from Syracuse and even when he was here i caught an off vibe from him.

He’s like jr without the making shots

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Hope waiters can play next game