Dinwiddie out for the Season

Does this also mean that Nets chances at the title becomes considerably smaller? What do you think?

Damnnn that’s tuff

The bench depth just became smaller for them
Dinwiddie is a great player and capable scorer
For sure this hurts the nets championship Hopes in my opinion
But what injury he suffered??I wasnt aware of this until I saw this thread


My feeling is that the nets championship chances rely almost entirely on Irving and Durant cohesion and health

I think that Nets will make a trade before the deadline just to ensure that they have the depth come playoff time for sure

ACL again damn

That’s bad man
This guy from his college days has suffered so much
If it wasnt for the injuries this guy would have been top 10 pick in his draft
And even after all of that shit he became a 20 points per game scorer
Hope he comes back healthier than ever

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Damn that sucks. Hurt again. Big loss hope he bounces back.

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Sucks for Dinwiddie. Underrated player, in my opinion. Hope the best for him and a speedy recovery.

Damn. Hope he recovers fast :pray:t2: