So i have 338k mt and 512 tokens… should i just use my MT to get opal Wilt? Or get PD George or what should I do? I normally play only triple threat … thanks in advance

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Go wilt or Go home.


worthy is madfun and great if you only play TTO

Who should i get Wilt or Worthy ?

Sell Bronskie Get Worthy :innocent:

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yeah worthy, giannis AD is great i run this lineup before, worthy gonna be on the small guy and you can abuse him all day, post spin, post fade, dribble animations, momentum. The only question is with what move are you going to score

Giannis WILT AD could be something aswell but less fun in my opinion

Just not good with Worthys shot style …

Worthy is the correct choice if you prefer TTO to MTU 100 percent.

His card was designed with tto in mind

Cool thanks… will get

I’m all for people not getting Wilt. I never want to play against him again. Worthy isnt nearly as dominant imo. Get Worthy.


There are people that just play TTO and not MTU?

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Theres no MT in MTU. I play 90% TTO.


Yea I get that TTO is a great way to generate MT. But having to play those games and face way more cheesers than MTU is a turnoff for me lol

Damn i got to 750! WHAT DO I DO!!!

Did u lock sets? Wilt or Worthy?

Yeah all sets locked … its either Wilt or Worthy

Or should i wait and maybe they make an opal vince carter ?

I’m locking to get Wilt :innocent:

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Worthy or wait for new opals

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I was just thinking that