Dikembe or Oscar for Token reward?

I know they’re different positions and it depends on what you need but who do y’all think is better? I’m leaning towards Dikembe because there aren’t as many good centers for what he does in the game as there is PG’s. What y’all think?

Have both. Love Oscar. However, there are not as many great center. Dikembe is the one center that can stop all other center. His shot is definitely makeable. We also have Gilmore and prefer Dikembe (by a small amount).

Also, nothing beats the finger wag!

just got 1000 tokens so can afford only one of them unfortunately

Have both, but yes, Mutumbo here as there’s lots of PG you can grab of the AH IMO cheaper then you can get a good center.

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do not get dikembe, he is very inconsitent. booban margovic is better. Antawn and Oscar is a debate, but not dikemb and oscar. (choose bigO)

watch this video… oscar is the better choice. mutombo and wilt has similar release. but wilt is much better and not super expensive

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I have all 4 dm token rewards:

Thurl Bailey bad shot but great defender;
Mutombo good shot, top defender;
Jamison (impressed me) easy green, very fast, excellent in rebounds;
Oscar Robertson is a top pg (looks better than my Giddey), but there are many alternatives.

(I play only offline)

Sorry @Eric66 if I didn’t follow your advice in the other topic but I was too curious to try these last two DM token rewards :innocent:


Okay, so basically what I got from this is that Oscar is probably the better player but due to plenty options at PG, Dikembe might be more valuable to pick up? I definitely need a new center and I remember that in previous 2K’s Dikembe was a BEAST in the paint. Is it the same this year?

He is a beast in the paint. But you could honestly ride with Nate Thurmond at C and be fine. Big O is incredible. Glad you said this because I been meaning to sell Ben Simmons. He just sitting collecting dust.

btw, I don’t see DM token rewards. are they hidden? should I purchase a GO first to reveal them?

Yes, you need to buy one opal before you can get the DM cards.

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Btw, I went with Dikembe since I didn’t have any good centers in my lineup other than Gasol. Oscar is great but there’s too many other PG’s who fit my playstyle better than him