Difference between invincible and warped DM Ben Simmons

Is it a big difference on ps5 between them?

I have noticed he has a bigger green window, stats wise he is quite a lot better given the Warped one came out a couple months ago. he seems slightly faster and Defensively better in the paint

I’m using Invincible Ben at the moment, and ran Warped Simmons before for a while.

You won’t notice a difference if you have a juiced badged Warped Simmons.

I’ve been using ben since he came out I got one with 54 badges and over time I’ve added some hofs to him he’s now at 63 Hof badges and I could imagine his invincible card won’t really play that different to the warped one but 99 everything helps a lil bit

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Hof space creator, stop and go, corner specialist, green machine, box, worm, rebound chaser and rim protector + higher block/interior defense and rebounding stats

These badges are a huge difference between the 2 cards


Am sorry I had to sell my warped version which got 50 hof and 19 gold with contract and speed grinches to get the invincible version. If you got the mt I would upgrade because hof do help alot and 99 stats except free throw and three which I put the kyrie 3 pt shoe that give free throw and three and now he perfect. I had the warped version every since I pulled him out of warped reality packs.


I first bought the warped one with 50 hof badges but now just bought the invincible. My impression is if you have extra MT it’s worth upgrading but if you have needs at another position then would stick with a badged, contract, and shoed out warped version

No , placebo
Add like rebound chaser and a couple of ones that are noticeable and they are the same
Just another trap

I’ve been running the new Ben since Sunday after running the Warped version since his drop and this card is a definite upgrade. Not so much as a rim runner, but everything else got turned up just a little.