Did you get one of the Halloween Reward Cards? A poll:


Feel free to comment down below how many games you played to acquire a particular card.

If someone wants to help me with the edit to make the poll show up here on 2kgamer and not just on twitter please feel free.

I got Terry Rozier, didn’t really try for the others. I only played 2 limited games, got a ring the first and Terry on the second, if only I got that lucky every week lmao

Got Rozier and Birdsong. And also Darrell Griffith.

Got Muresahn

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wow. how many games?

like 30

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Got Rozier on my first game, Otis took about 30 games, played 100 games without getting Muresan, saw Miller 3 times but couldn’t get the bottom right spot.


dang i got lucky

Got Rozier and Birdsong. Muresan was totally invisible and saw Miller once but didn’t get him.

Missed Rozier on left after first win. Second win he was in the middle. Got ring after 4th win. Birdsong 10 after games. Missed on left next win he was in the middle. Saw Mike Miller and missed twice. Didn’t try to Muresahn

nobody. Won about 40 games of TTOffline this weekend and no Muresan

Never got Big Gheorghe after around 70 wins
Never even saw Miller after around 30 games
And I got Roizer and Birdsong on the 1st and 5th games respectively. Got the ring on the 3rd game too.

So the TT cards were just non existent on my shit.

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Scary Terry on Friday, early on too… 3rd game I think. Otis last night

Terry: 1 game
Otis: about 25 games
Miller: On board first game, took 4+ cycles to get him
Muresan: :cry: :cry:

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Got Birdsong after 20-30 Ws
Played through TTO about 10 times. Never saw Miller.
About 30 TT Ws no Muresan.

Terry: First game
Otis: Saw after about 7 wins, but took ring instead
Miller: saw once after ~20 wins
Mursean: never. had probably about 20-30 wins there.

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Got Terry on first win
10+ wins in limited, no sign of Otis
Saw Miller about 6 or 7 times, unlucky to get him
Play about 20 times of TToffline, no Mureshan

That bottom right corner on TTO where Miller was is the biggest scam I’ve ever seen. It literally propels the ball to the opposite side and is almost impossible to land in.

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About 70 wins in TTO offline over the weekend. 2 Buck Williams, no Muresan.

Miller,Otis and rozier