Did they turn down Skill Based Matching in mtu?

My win rate is 87 percent versus 70 two seasons

Not complaining when it comes to 12-0 . You can turn it back up once I get it done.

Definitely less sweaty and people will quit quickly …

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its cause its the start of the new season… things will even back out in a week or so

Naw it was sweaty from the start past few season. I was struggling to get to ruby and I could tell they knew what they were doing . Im at opal already …

They lowered the games to get to opal no? Definitely feel like it was bunch of newbies this weekend though. Ran into a few all Amy teams that look like they just started

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I think the match making is based on cards tier. If u running ruby’s and amy’s and diamond’s you get matched up to other player with the same card tier. If u got opal’s and DM’s u get matched with other DM’s.

That’s very possible but idk, I was doing the win 13 with IDOLS II VIP and didn’t wanna play a full dom game so I took the risk and went online. This was my first game of the season and I matched up with a brand new player. I had one opal, one PD 5 diamonds and the rest were Amy’s and my opponent only had one opal (current curry) and the rest were nobodies

same I got the Idols VIP 1 and 2 done on unlimited. My matchups were other newbies with only diamonds and PD’s diamonds. I was glad I didn’t have to deal with DM’s.

They changed the matchmaking back last season.

I’ve always been able to match my brother in unlimited by putting the same cards in our lineups, for example 1 dark matter, 1 opal and the rest bronze and we will match each other 7 out of 10 times. Also he rarely plays online and his win percentage is nowhere near mine. So skill based matching doesn’t seem to work or be a thing. Interestingly this works in TTO too.

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It did get somewhat easier near the end .

There was XP for unlimited, that’s the culprit, anytime there is XP for unlimited I get matched with more bums than usual.

this is the only season where i dont need to go on a low overall team and still get the 12-0 done. 2k might have changed it
or there are more new players from the free release on PS store that got into the game + they all have high overalll free cards that is easy to match up with

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This season MTU is just weird. I’m sitting at 37-1 and it seems the only games that go the distance are the utterly insane blowouts. It’s like the XP chase has diluted the competition. I’m not really complaining, but it is just strange out there.