Did they recently patch the game?

Everyone feels like they’re on ice skates now and the speed has increased. Not really a fan of it at all.


The gameplay def changed. There are a lot less bumping animations in defense and blowby’s are back. It’s not as bad as 2k18 But the game was alot better when it just released. They made it more 2k18ish to please the casuals who like to score easily instead of playing with iq, it sucks, But still alot better then 2k18


I played after a 1 week break today and noticed the same… cant stand in front of Giannis, Lebron etc anymore.

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It changed after last patch, but the mood here is:



Yep they have been slowly killing the gameplay week to week. Before you know it you’ll be playing 2k18 again.


Just when I was getting back into it

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Yeah the game was amazing when I first wrote you to come back. It’s still decent, but the drop in gameplay and rewards is significant.


I think I just play Fifa then.

Even players who have height/srenght/weight disadvantage can blow by, its just dumb, casual pricks, pick and roll spammers obviously in awe

That’s a shame. I am enjoying offline at the moment trying to do all dominations etc.

Yeah I traded the game to finish my red dead preorder. Never seen a company change rewards on the fly and disrespect their customers like 2k


Actually they don’t disrespect their customers. The majority of their customers are sadly people who just want to dunk, blow by, play out of position players, cheese in every way imaginable, shoot limitless 3s over and over again,…
We, the simplayers are just a very small part of the community. That’s sad, but it is what it is. This year started great but every week more bullshit get’s introduced. It’s still way better than the worst 2k ever (2k18).

Defense was strong but you could still beat it with running plays, different freelances, series, post ups,… but that’s probably too difficult for the normal user. Main goal for 2k is to earn Money. If the majority of the community (who also spend their Money on VC) wants an easier game offensively it’s actually a smart business decision by 2k to make that change. Bad for me and the majority on this Forum, but we are unfortunately just 0.001% of the community.


Inb4 people get tired of how “difficult” is to spam pick and roll and pick and fade and 2k brings back blow bys at full force so everyone spams 5 out again :joy:

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defense was a way to high honestly. it didn’t matter how bad a defender the card your opponent had you could lock down the other card at similar position. i haven’t played in awhile so i don’t know how much they toned it down.

Of course they do lmao. You do realize they change rewards to make it harder for people, tamper with pack odds and ban people for selling/buying mt which shouldn’t be an issue in the first place? You’re okay with that?

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Changing rewards(tokens) in a “middle” of the game is a classic 2k fuckery.
They always do this kind of things -EQ, "random pack odds "- we all know that.
Changing a gameplay after just month from a game realise is disgusting move as well.

But you can’t blame them that they banning people for selling/buying MT.
They are transparent about this from the beginning of MyTeam/My Career modes, as this practice cleary hit their income.

DId they change 3pt sliders? I felt like I couldn’t miss yesterday. I played 3 games of unlimited last night and was draining 3’s at an incredible rate.

Not buying packs. So they can change odds as they wish.
I don’t have a problem with 2k lowering token rewards in TT. We are 1,5 months in and 14 guys already have Wilt. These cards shouldn’t be available that early imo.

Glad it’s not just me, I immediately noticed it. My defenders don’t stay in front of their man, it’s like they’re coated in grease, they just slide off. I can’t even defend the post because my guys won’t attach themselves to the post up guy, so instead I’m like sliding around trying to stay behind him.

Wish i could give this comment a thumbs down. Totally disagree