Did they nerf muresean?

He was a beast week 1 but now seems containable past week or so lol

Absolutely not. I was Terrorizing with him lo

I got wilt at 4. Muresan at 5
Porzingis bench 4. Bradley bench 5.
Double twin towers. And they snag boards and are beasts in the paint lol


He is still unguardable 7’7 sprinting glitch


i made final historic dom game he grab 21reb and 7blocks so definitely not nerfed :slight_smile:


His sprinting is crazy lol


I was playing mtu last night and wilt got 10. pts 10 boards 3.blocks

Muresan had 15 pts. 12 rebounds 6 blocks lol

i have wilt at the 4 but muresan play better than him every games

Rik Smits has 55 speed to Muresan’s 25 and he felt much faster in MTU last night. As soon as he hits Amy he’s taking his spot in the starting lineup and Muresan will hit the bench

He also can teleport-block in transition defence

I think 2k just cranked up the minimum speed. Shaq also has 25 speed and feels just as fast. Muresan being 7’7 just makes it feel like a glitch

I’d still start muresan lol

Rik Smits post spins are nasty. With the way they are being stingy with post control, and bigs being able to spin effectively, Smits is unstoppable at 7’4" and gold post spinning dudes.

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Also Wilt has the same speed as KD/PG13 as a true center. If you guys think Muresan is fast for his size than Wilt is a 7’1 track star

Yessir and that 97 mid range is no joke. Gonna have rim protectors punching the air

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Smits is a god I won like 5 in a row since copping him

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So I wasn’t dreaming lol. I got nerfed e

He just got nerfed today

I got beta nerfed. :sweat_smile:

How is Smits today? Haven’t played yet.

I still use this beast to eat the CPU in domination. Bucks 2018, surround with shooters, wait for CPU dumb double team or drop step into an auto bucket.

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