Did the math and i've lost around 150k MT selling players :(

shit sad

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Cool story bro

Only 150k?


yes. and i’ve buit my team off of like 150k

Well I bought my 97 AS Lebron with red Kyries and contract for 200k some time ago and when the Bron packs dropped, I saw the same card, badged out for 100k BIN and over 2 hours left which means no one wanted him at that point. Sure his price has probably risen but damn, what a drop. That’s what happens when you get a card at the height of his price (the height of that card was actually higher once but whatever)

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Stop buying the new shiny cards then. You’re always gonna lose MT every time you want to make a change to your lineup, but if you’re buying new cards within the first couple days, you should already expect to lose at least 50% of the value within 2 weeks.

Without knowing further details… as others said - it seems you are buying the newer releases too soon. If u know u r the type to commonly shuffle your lineup then you need to hold off on buying until resale value is steady and you aren’t losing much more than the tax

I originally bought PD Magic for 1.1 million think he goes for like 600K on XB1, shit happens.