Did the game just not sell as well this year?

Feel like everywhere I look engagement is down. We used to get 200-300 posts on new cars drops, more at the beginning of the new year. A couple of the YouTube guys have mentioned off hand that views are down. I feel like the auction house is no where as busy as it usually is this early in the year. Idk, all just seems weird and pointing to the game not selling well, especially after how much positive feedback the game has gotten in the past week or so

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People probably just tired of myTeam burn out from it .


MyTeam is not a very popular mode*, if we’re being honest. If we combine that with the fact that MyCareer is a lot better this year (gameplay, story etc etc) it’s kinda natural to see such low engagement.

*In the first episode of 2kTV, there’s a question about what mode we are most excited to play and MyCareer got around 82% of the votes, while MyTeam is around 8%…

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We lost a lot of users on this forum as they migrated because they didn’t like the rules here

So that’s why the site is a bit less busy.

Also a lot of peeps wait until Christmas to buy the game on sale


Yeah I don’t think folks that dudes that play myteam realize how much bigger Myplayer/Park is. You can just look at the achievements/trophies and compare the numbers for the super basic achievements that you would get for just playing for a couple minutes and the difference is huge.

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I’m actually enjoying my career NGL seems interesting so far . myTeam just a cash grab money sink hole IMO, I would rather spend some $$ on a build and run that for the rest of the year TBH .


yo raps. did they migrate or did they just stop playing?

Where did they migrate to?

Asking for a friend

People left for the other forum. This 2k is pretty amazing so far, nothing to do with the game itself.


what other forum? Reddit u mean?

If they migrated to reddit because they didn’t like the rules here, yikes… good luck to them. I have been temp banned from that sub 3 times so far for the pettiest reasons.

what rules they didnt like here?

I have no idea. First im hearing of this. Honestly I didn’t even know there where rules here.

I got the game over the weekend. Played about an hour of it. If that. Not really motivated to get back into it. Feels like the same mindless grind as before.

Game not selling well at all, bad ratings, and people got fed up with game— I being one of them

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Bad ratings ? Gameplay best we’ve ever seen

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on PC steam, there a far fewer cards on auction house than last year (top cards i mean)

People not being able to speak their mind, topics getting taken down for little to no explanation, mods DM’ing essays over the littlest thing while letting racist run amok. Wheww I can go on & on. Add on the best users & core members of the site being banned yeah. Reasons why I don’t post here anymore.


The other site isn’t popping off either let’s be real. It’s the same 5 people who post there mostly and that’s not a knock. Engagement is down for sure with this release, on both forums and YouTube. They burned people out after last year

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