Did i overpay for pd pippen

i just spent 300k i think i shoulda waited now i have no mt left

yes because he will go down but at least he worth that 300k

Yea probably

RIP man


You’re on PC so it’s different

If it’s on PC that good no? He’s been steady 2-230 k on ps4 all night.

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Don’t know the PC market. Seems like a lot unless he has foams and a diamond contract.

Damn really??? Got him for 138 earlier!


Damn congrats, that’s a good deal, even if it was on console

How? That’s a steal.

pc price boys dw

There were tons up when I got home from work

There clumps of around 8 cards ending the same time

I just bid myself up on the second to last card in a bunch ending the same time… so people would pass it and bid on others lol

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I did the same thing…pulled one sold for 165k and bought back in another cluster for 135k lol. Not much profit but still great deal

I bidded 140-167 on 30 Pippens and got none thanks to your post :rofl: Yours was pure luck.


What will pd pippen’s normal price be after a few days/weeks?


Ok cool thanks. So an investment of less than 200k is safe then

Very likely (i feel like a bot lol)


Come to think of it, probably smart to wait until tomorrow and sunday when more people start ripping packs. The AH will be probably be flooded with cards, given the relatively better odds this time

@Ddrop Your new PG? I got one for 200 and I believe it’s a really good price for Pippen with 8 HOF.