Did Durant affect his future in a bad way?

As you all might know, KD injured his leg/calf in Game 5. Now let me ask you this question.

Did KD negatively affect his future by coming back this series? This injury could be lingering and negatively affect him in the future.

What are your thoughts? and prayers to KD🙏

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Well if it’s achille’s, he will never be the same again

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He looked really good though.
Maybe not he just need to rest it.

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Hopefully, its nothing really bad and he fully recovers
Thankfully, he is getting the max from any team he meets with


i think it was his calf again

I don’t think it was the Achilles. I get really sore calves right where he grabbed his. I think he just reinjured the same calf.

Depends on what the injury is… If it’s Achilles those are hard to be the same afterward. If it’s a calf, even a proper torn calf, his future will be fine.

Well if it’s calf again, he needs to rest, and to not force any return. Rest and wait to be fully healthy before coming back

I don’t think it was his Achilles either. He might be be fine but shouldn’t have went on that floor tonight

A doctor said that coming back too soon from that calf injury could be risking permanent danger back when it first occurred. Plus, it’s the same calf that he injured last season. He should’ve learned a lesson from Grant Hill.


He’ll be alright. He’s guaranteed to be offered the max possible from the Dubs now. He showed some heart tonight. I’ll be honest I thought he was bullshitting.

damn i just saw a close up of when he got hurt

I have a very strong feeling it was his Achilles.

I don’t think he left on crutches and a boot last time he injured that leg did he???

They could amputate his leg & he’s still top 30 player in the league.


That for sure was an achilles. You don’t leave the stadium in a boot and crutches for a sore calf muscle lol

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If history is anything to go off, lower leg injuries and jump shooters dont make for a long career. Then add on his 7 foot frame.

I got a lot of negative things to say about KD but I won’t go after someone’s health. Hope he comes back strong.

damn durant really risking it all for the warriors comeback. you guys see him holding his achilles? and they said he injured his calf. i thunk durant is the nextgrant hill??

I think it’s an Achilles injury. But he secured the bag. Bob Myers was in the lockeroom with the SuperMax contract. He’ll get paid regardless.


Bob Myers just said it’s Achilles Injury…
fml KD my favorite player of all time let’s hope he will be fine :pray: