Did Dame dollar forget what time it was? ⏰

Westbrook had this man shaking :joy:

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Westbrick is trash

Russ was slamming last night

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Westbrook and PG were killin it.

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Did you not watch the game (3rd quarter especially)? Dame did ok.

PG13 > Westbrick (thanks nurk!)


“shaking” c’mon now… Lillard one of the most composed leaders in the NBA today. What are you talking about

That was he was about to cry face on lol.

Not according to his pops Jrue holiday in last year’s playoffs. Dropped 42 points on Dame while locking Dame up to 15 points on 32 percent shooting:


OP has created more threads in 30 days that I have in nearly 250 days. I don’t see the point of this one again my man.


Russ is my fav player, but he needs to stick to a role. He’s not a shooter, he needs to focus ALL of his energy on creating looks for his team, and taking the ball to the rim.


Was Lillard crying or shaking on the court though? A poor performance doesn’t mean all of a sudden he isn’t composed.

It was a tough series. Their plan was to double Dame and make other Blazers win the game, and we couldn’t find a response. That’s why we added more shooting in the off season. AD also made Nurkic his bitch (he was also super motivated as he hadn’t been in the playoffs a lot).

Regardless, last year’s playoffs have nothing to do with this. I don’t see Lillard crying or coming close to it, pointless post really.

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My bad i didn’t know Portland was your team… wouldn’t have said that. Thought you just were casually speaking about sports. Dame is a savage, but he definitely got outplayed in that series by Jrue as well as rondo. Ad was amazing as well. Actually whole team played well/

No worries, your point stands whether Portland is my team or not. It was a super frustrating series to watch as a Blazers fan.

My original point was in response to @Jbone15 who thinks Lillard was somehow shook by Westbrook yesterday lol.

Lillard is one of the clutchest closers in the league.

They been having this beef since last yr when westbrook said he begged to be in the all-star game. And he is clutch but not when he playing against the top PG. He bakes curry cause his defense is suspect… He reminds me of John wall with a better shot. Both should be way better than they are.

Dame > Russ

Russ has only shot 50% or better 15 times this year. Hes shooting 41.6% on TWENTY shots per game and 24% on 3’s. 65% FTs. nearly 5 turnovers a game. BuT HeS AvErAgInG A TrIpLe DoUbLe

Russ is so fucking overrated. He’s also not the best player on his team.

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Yeah I dont think its even debatable that hes the best player on his team. PG13 is way better.

Dame has never been on a team even close to as good as the Thunder have been year in and year out (minus the one year after KD left)

I think Dame is a prime candidate to step his game up as soon as he leaves the Blazers. Would take his game to superstar heights

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He is at times. Its frustrating as a thunder fan because from one game to the next, he goes from the best player on the court, to the worst. He cant shoot to save his life most games, and he continues to shoot despite poor FG%. And other times, like when they played GSW last season, russ dropped 40 and couldn’t be stopped. He needs to shoot less, get more open looks for the team, and take the bal to the rack more. He cannot be stopped going to the rim

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Imagine averaging a Triple Double three seasons in a row, but watching your PER drop by 5 full points each of those consecutive seasons…

30 – 25 – 20.

Dude is shooting 41-24-65…