Did anyone watch the clippers welcoming of Klaw and PG?

Lmao it was fuckin awesome

Things I took from it

  1. Clippers Owner Steve was t’d the fuck up lmao he has amazing energy love that guy

  2. Kawhi is unintentionally funny man lmao everything he says cracks me up

  3. PG and Kawhi is gonna work out well

  4. Doc and PG said they will have dinner to talk some things out tonight lmaoooo I wonder what might Be the elephant in the room :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

  5. Kawhi is amazing man love that guy dude is hilarious had me holding in my laugh on the plane lmao

He and PG was asked how does he feel about players basically having a say in where they go etc

PG said basically as long as there’s a mutual agreement and respect he doesn’t see the problem

but Kawhi said he was a free agent so he can go where ever he pleased so he doesn’t even give that thought lmaooo it was funny asf

Also side note Kawhi mentioned that he loved how clippers kept everything private and nothing got out , I’ve been hearing rumors that magic leaked some info about his meetings after Kawhi said to keep it DL not saying that’s what made him choose clips but that’s apart it with the bigger picture being PG talking the thunder FO into trading him

Very good 30 mins of my day


Was literally about to post this. I love Steve Ballmer. He’s my Spirit Animal.


He was definitely the right guy to buy that team

He’s like a big kid

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Quick question

If players can have a no trade clause… Could teams have a no bail clause (also known as the Paul George lol)

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It’s sorty of by default in the contract, already.

A team can avoid paying the salary of a player if he refuses to play and does not have a medical or other legitimate reason.

But the issue is that it’s easy to justify elective surgery and a player can tank his own trade value so if a player wants out, it just behooves a team to do whatever they can to get the best return possible for him.

OKC got a great return for PG’s contract rights. As did the Pels for AD. It’s entirely possible that those two teams will “win” those trades.

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That is interesting that he brought it up.

Going back to the time period when Kawhi was making his decision, we all remember all the reporting, and even editorializing, that Kawhi was going to the Lakers, and that it was all but a done deal. A lot of people here took that at face value and reiterated it as if it were fact.

But all those reports were, most likely, were reports of Lakers insiders who were stating their opinion that the Lakers had won over Kawhi. Comically wrong and premature, we now know. Don’t know if those leaks are a sign of unprofessionalism, hubris, misguided gamesmanship, or some combination of all three.

But it is notable that there was no leaking of anything substantial out of the Clippers organization. I think only the location of the dinner, and I think that was the hostess of the restaurant, or something like that. Despite the fact that the Clippers were working on a mammoth trade for PG with the Thunder. Also note that the Thunder didn’t let this information out. Nor did the Raptors, who had been approached by the Thunder about PG.

Who knows if it was a decisive factor, but I cannot imagine it helped the Lakers case that their own people were apparently bragging to reporters that they had won over Kawhi, when Kawhi had yet to make his decision.

Maybe it was a factor. It’s par for the course for the Lakers. There’s a huge ESPN article by Baxter Holmes that is built on conversations he’s had with Lakers staff, willing to dish inside dirt.

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I also enjoyed the part when they asked Kawhi about being in the shadow of the Lakers and he very bluntly said Clips have been better team in last few years. He’s just a simple dude with simple answers haha.

Steve ballmer is awesome lol.

Tbh im kinda happy for the clips. They are so stoked as they should be

Should be a great year of basketball all around

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Damn Ballmer got me so hyped and I’m a Laker Fan lmao :smile:


Ballmer is so hype, dude loves his squad and it shows. I’m glad the Clips got an owner like him after the league finally booted that piece of shit Sterling.

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Clippers can build an all star team and win the championship for the next 5 years and they still won’t be the most popular team in LA that will always belong to the Lakers.

No need for that in here man, we’re talking Clips, Kawhi and Ballmer. Plenty of Laker threads to say that in.

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The point of competition isnt to be popular. Its to win games and ultimately championships

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Who cares lol. This narrative is so childish lol


Yea its called guaranteed contracts lol