Did anyone know that

Kiki vandewghe averaged 29.4 ppg in 83-84. Maybe I am too young to really remember, but the only thing special I remembered about him was his name. Thats crazy.


still waiting for that diamond card lol

Lol I remember his diamond from last year that you got from collection levels. Man was skat

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I really hope they come back with that type of card collecting next year

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Probably next round watch

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Yea it was fun. I remember I was trying to get one of the higher level ones(I forgot who) and I found out that shoes count so I bought 60k worth of shoes only to realize I never checked what shoes I currently own and lost it all lol. My heart is still broken from that :sob:. Anyone remember how if you quicksold a player they would give you a GOOD amount of MT? I remember selling my collection and getting a good 30k off one team. Now I’ll be lucky to get 2k by quickselling 30 diamonds

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Another crazy fact about the 83-84 Nuggets is that they never scored less than a hundred points in a game that season and neither did their opponents. The pace was Unreal.

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They had a game against the pistons that went into the 180s

Holy shit. Never knew this. Anyone know why? It can’t just be the pace because this era’s pace is off the charts and we don’t see 180 pt games.

Lol the game went into triple overtime. Something about Denver’s altitude gives them an advantage or so they believed. They were a terrible defensive team

Alex English was a beast in the 80s with the Nuggets. Its a shame he played in the shadow of Magic and Bird, then MJ, malone, olajuwon etc in the late 80’s.

That’s actually true. Utah has the same. The attitude where they play is higher then most stadiums and players who aren’t accustomed to it get winded quickly. Playing at staples vs the jazz is night and day.