Did anyone here actually go for GO Iverson?

I’m super tempted to go the stupid/fun route and pick up Iverson as my first and potentially only GO.

Did anyone get him? Thoughts?

I know it’s really stupid but he just looks like he could be really fun to use. I have Jamison, AK, Granger as my base 11 gods so Pettit might be overkill even. Wilt is the obvious good choice as an end-game center, not interested in Walt, Worthy or Elgin.

I’m not gonna lie, hes seems like a bust. There is that chance that 2k made him super charged and damn near to catch like a glitch. Yet to be known

Will you be calm to start him in an important game? (no)

i am going for ai for sure. i dont care about who is the best player out there. i just want to have fun with my favorite player of all time


If he’s your favorite player it’s a no-brainer!


but shit i just found that heat check pack is gone. i need that 750 tokens

We got unseld for another 50 days play with the cards you like


This a valid point, but I have so many great players if I really can’t use him in a MTU game if it’s like the 12-0 game then so what, if I can get competitive games 50% of the time where size is not a problem and I have to sub him out for like Pippen at PG or something, then I’m good. It’s about having fun after all. There will be enough cheap good players to stash on your bench between now and the end of the year, including GO’s that will be pullable within a few months that will be cheap.

@pennyccw Damn man, those prices gonna fucking skyrocket.

IMO PD Iverson does everything an AI card needs to do.

The opal will be like CP3 and IT. Fun novelty cards.

50 More Tokens to go, Barring I dont smash my head through the screen after a few more hours of triple threat offline I should have him lol


are you iverson fan shake?

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Hes in my avatar homie lol what you think


Yeah I know @ItsShake4ndbake is

just want to know if you have watch my iverson videos on youtube lol

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Good luck. I wanted to pick him so bad, but just couldn’t do it. Already scarred by GO Isiah ha.

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Shake going to get him and then make a video about how he isn’t dunking like he should and how he can’t guard anyone lol and ima still watch it

I’m think i’ll get Iverson next. Im like 400 tokens away so i can run this squad. I got guys to sub in if needed.

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Iverson looks so goated and I’m salty I’ll never reach him

Nice you’ve already got GOATS Wilt, Pettit, Worthy, Iverson over Walt and Elgin such an easy decision


Hardout, im never gonna be able to redeem an opal. Surely 2k will let us redeem one at end lf cycle :confused: