Did Anyone Get The Auction House Delay Fixed?

I posted this last week before the patch and it’s still happening to me after the patch:

Every card in the auction house not showing up for me for about 30-40 seconds late.

I filled out a complaint ticket and of course 2K was less than helpful. Suggested clearing my cache when I already clearly stated I have a PS4 that doesn’t have a cache to clear.

Next suggestion was to completely reinstall the game which I’d like to avoid.

Anyone else had this problem and now got it fixed somehow?

I apologize if I don’t respond to this topic for a while since I’m at work.

I think it is on purpose to discourage sniping lol


everyone has this, no point talking to support about it

That’s a server problem. Only 2k can fix it.

Is it REALLY happening to EVERYONE though? Then why can’t I get even a decent snipe? I mean I’m not talking about like for example a Lamar Odom for 5K. I can’t even get small snipes. Literally every card I’ve clicked on with like 3 hours 59 min. and 30 sec. left is already gone when I see it.

It’s bullshit if it’s only affecting some of us and not everyone.

Affecting everyone sadly I’ve missed some that I really should’ve gotten, I’ve had moderate success setting the buy now a little higher and adjusting the bid up and down below the snipe point if it helps

Its to stop sniping. I hate that there are cards still showing in the market hours after they are sold

That’s dumb cuz then you wouldn’t know what price to sell your cards at