Did anyone get refunded their packs?

Looks like people who opened deluxe earlier and got Pistons players should be getting replacement packs. Can anyone confirm?

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2BG acknowledged this so I assume the replacement packs should be rolling out soon

Very suprising move on 2k’s part. I would’ve thought that’d stay their usual course and refuse any remuneration for their blatent stuff up


Do we have to submit tickets?

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I thought about doing this, but I pulled harden and Lewis so it is what it is.

Yah, guessing we have to submit tickets. I’ll just eat the MT loss on the packs rather than risk them looking at my account.


I got my packs and I been selling MT so I would assume you should be good too. But take risk

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I’ve had the response of its been upgraded to a teir 2 support but that’s it, will update with what they say next.

Lost 35 mt no big deal just add it to my odds on the back end :rofl:

They gave me 51 packs instead of 41.


That’s awesome. No way I’m risking my account, but it’s good they’re just giving reimbursements.

That’s a lot of packs you bought. It’s only 8 packs that were glitched for me. I’ll take the loss. Glad they were responsive for a change

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Woah 2k support doing the right thing :o

probably the same idiot that makes the evo requirements refunded you the packs :smiley:

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I only remember buying 30 packs weirdly enough.

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Heads up I’m in the chat … all you need is a quick video clip from your phone sent to your own email and drag it into the chat comment box.

  1. From the Main Menu select “Options”
  2. Select “Features/Options”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Please scroll down to the last option
  5. Select “2K Account Email Address”