Did anyone get GO MJ as their first opal?


I’d wager most people did, especially outside of this forum. Reward tokens GO weren’t even above 2000 total redeems per console

Yep. Felt good to finally get that cool emblem and color.

My first one was iverson, which I find waaay better than GO MJ (the unlimited one). Or at least plays better for me.

Felt good until my team started playing like shit. He’s a great card, but seems to be an equalizer magnet, at least for me, and his lack of plays drives me crazy.

This is my second , malone was my first.

Yea I did had got 2 of them so far

But to pull him and see that glow for the first time was amazing. Different experience then getting a reward pack or buying off the token market which am not there yet.

He was 5th for me… still felt good

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I don’t lock anything so this was the first real opportunity. Worth it.

how much did you pay?

780k on MJ Day.

not bad

I did, I only play the game on the weekends so when I saw that MJ it was a no brainer

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Nope opal Jordan was my 6th. Wilt, Giannis, Blake, Malone and cp3

Yup. Just got him a few mins ago. I thought it was a joke at first.

My first one was CP3. Jordan was my 7th opal

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Same here, I’ve got CP3, Worthy, Wilt, Blake, Karl, Giannis, & now MJ.

Oh shit I miscounted…MJ’s my 8th opal. I got all them and IT too

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