Did 2k update the 12-0 reward?

Do you get Clyde and baron or is it still Clyde and amare?

Still amare

That sucks. I was gonna skip last month and have my boy do it this month for baron and clyde together but I had a feeling 2K would pull some dumb shit like this. Thank god I didnt do it lol

Maybe next month will be Baron and Dirk?

Clyde’s not very good either

Why not? Used him for 1 game and he seemed pretty solid

PD Clyde?


Clyde’s OK. Good slasher from the 2 or 3. Not ideal if you like 3 and D wings.

Pd Clyde very good. Just get over the d badges. He is one of the best slashers in the game and a decent jumper. Nothing wrong with a free pd

I was playing an off baller smothering the D and couldn’t create any space with him.

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