Did 2k Tweet sometihing about MJ coming today?

I don’t know if i missed it but so far they have tweeted the day before every Anni player and i find it strange that for the GOAT they would not.

Or maybe I just missed it.

They haven’t

That doesnt make sense. Are we sure its going to be MJ today because it might be something totally different.

Ronnie tweeted that cp3 will be op and thats all

I saw that but it could mean this week or next week.

No tweet about the greatest NBA player dropping 3 hours before doesnt make sense.

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2k and making sense :smile: maybe sig Kobe, who knows with 2k. They even put back same throwbacks on Tuesday till Thrusday for whateva reason.

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I have a feeling he will drop tomorrow. I watched like the last 30 seconds of a ronnie stream and he was like “im gonna be ripping packs saturday”

so… yeah

That’s probably because that’s an off day for him

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