Did 2k turn up the EQ or something?

Jesus christ, Drob and Kareem are getting thrown around by Marvin Bagley.

MPJ is blowing by AK47 for god sake

and GO Bron is getting bullied by DIAMOND Melo

just had TBE Kobe make a smothered leaning 3 in front of Bill Russell… :rofl:

I think there is a whole 200 post thread about this.

Makes sense for 2K to give an advantage to people dipping their toes in the water over die hard types that have the best possible cards.

Its not about fair play its about making money.

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2k throws in one of these games every 10 or so games . Yesterday I had a guy turbo in the paint and constantly get foul calls when going up against two of my hof rim protectors.
I don’t get angry about it anymore. It only causes me to rage if I’m trying to go 12-0


Feels like it. Played a handful of TTO and MTU games. No close games. Either 2k was fucking me hard in everyway possible, or fucking my opponent to the point I felt bad. Every single game felt scripted and like it didn’t matter what you or the other team did, 2k had a result in mind and that would happen, haha


Played like 15 games earlier. Didn’t run into this at all. :man_shrugging:

They’re either testing sliders, or not giving 2 fucks that their servers can’t handle the current load, and the algorithms used to impact gameplay cannot run efficiently and are going haywire. Lol.

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I agree that it goes both ways. There’s times I have to laugh when I’m getting 4 off rebs in a row on some possesions

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Equalizer fucking me hard at the moment. 2k trying to make me think opal KD sucks so I spend more. Fuck you 2k. I’m only winning like half my TTO at the moment, I usually win 90% or so. Last one was bonkers. 5 WIDE OPEN, FULL BAR misses from opal KD and Roy. Meanwhile on the other end, PD cousins draining multiple MOVING 3’s with a defender there. At least make it realistic 2k, you cunts.


They always turn it up on the weekends

Smothered 3s going in more often than not

Hell my PD Iggy Made a smothered 3 point buzzer beater a few days ago lol

I thought the same thing today. Maybe their gameplay sliders are all over the place combined with the server apocalypse because some games feel silky smooth while others the players won’t respond no matter what buttons I push in anticipation

bruh i play some half ass baked squad and its sweety AF i play stacked squads (pretty comparable to mine) and they dash the fuck out how bad they getting beat, too corny.

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Had a game today where I missed like 10 open shots with kd. Previous game was greening everything. Threw a couple rubies back in the line-up and eveything went back to normal :man_shrugging:

so i have game where Dia Kareem murders my KG and KAT on the glass with like 9 offensive rebs and next thing you know dude with Shaq, Yao and Sabonis dashing the fuck out.

TTO is a damn hellhole rn.

Can’t help but laugh at this shit.

this is pretty much todays experience except that guy would’ve made it

Shit is getting ridiculous. Since the very moment I locked the last of my MT in the ultimate set the game has changed. Every single animation goes against me. Every loose ball, every poked ball goes to my opponent. Countless wide open full bar 3’s clanking, countless bullshit shots hit by my opponent, red contests. It no longer matters how I play, 2k trying it’s absolute hardest to fuck me over until I give them more money for packs to get ‘better cards’. I’m lost for words. Good at this game. All year I’ve won over 80% of my games and while I’ve been hit throughout the year with bullshit it’s never more than 1 or 2 in 10 games. Now I can’t even win half my games and when I do it’s a fucking battle against trash players.

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Create an alternative, weaker, rainbow squad and use it every once in a while. Feel the summer breeze.
MJ (perfect one) really means the move in card art in a squad like this, not in a full opal one :smiley:

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