Did 2k just give us a free pack for playing sm?

Anyone else get this email?
A free pack for 3 wins in supermax round 1
Why haven’t they been doing this all year, cunts

Just got it also if this is true it better give me some good playoff moments card to sell

After third win only?

Says after 3 wins they will email you a code for a free pack.

is this for this round ? or

Wow people are quitting like crazy!

what did you get from the free pack?

I didn’t receive anything. I’m subscribed as well.

I mean if I can get vince without having to sweat so much I’ll take it

Haha, I’m legit gonna go play some supermax now. Well done 2k, well done.

Lmao. Idk I didn’t play last round much so maybe that’s why but it says it’s for this round only.

I only played 2 games last round and I got the email. What if only people who didn’t play more than 3 games got the email to try and sway us to come back?

They would do some shit like that. This company doesn’t suprise me.

I didn’t get an email, I have 3 wins


Shady ass dope dealers


Here is the email:


Shady as hell

I haven’t played yet this round but didn’t get an email
Edit:Nvm it was in spam.

What are the actual packs when you redeem? Don’t tell me league packs?