Diamond Wiggins is unreal good for me

Top 5 release in the game imo and the dudes dunking is as good as it gets. Seriously. And idk why but 2k made him an ELITE defender. For like 40k dude is a steal. Kind of a unique card as well. I don’t see him on that many teams.

If you need a backup or starting SG/SF/PF try this card out!

And something really random about the card is that hes averaging 4 rebounds a game for me. Just kills it on the boards. Give him a shot!

Yeah, his defense is STUPID

Yea hes one of my favorites every year. His release is cash

I was thinking about snagging kawhi but if you’re telling me I can get a slightly worse version for half the price sign me up

Yes bro.go get him.his animations are unreal.

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Does he have 3pt plays?

Thats the problem.he has no 3point play.guard postup,iso,pnr bh only.

If only he was half this good real life.

His transition crossover is nuts lol

If only, in real life, he was 1/10 of how good his diamond is

He simply just doesn’t have the mentality to be a big time superstar in the nba. I remember when u was watching the nba combine the year he was coming out of college. You’d see a players profile on the screen and they’re “potential” would be like Chandler Parsons, Marc Gasol, etc… Wiggins profile came up and it said Michael fucking Jordan :joy::joy:

That’s the kind of athleticism this dude has. If he would develop the killer mentality and not just earn a paycheck he could be one of the most feared scorers in the league EASILY. Hes just too timid and too nice of a guy lol.


At this point, he is who he is IRL: Jeff Green 2.0.

Based off 98 klo and 99 kristaps, Wiggins will likely be better than 99 vince

Hes a fucking beast. The draft day cards are legit. I play him and markelle in my 10 man.

He’s been very good for me, too. If only you could put a diamond speed with ball/three point shoe on him…

Too nice guy? He has been dick about not being involved in offense as much as he’d like. He has complained about it all season long, not enough touches this and that. Butler is annoyed with the dudes work ethic, so not sure if serious. He has tools, but he is not willing to work enough to go to next level, happy enough to cash his checks and still wants to be a star without actually being one.

This is a sim basketball game. He has no 3 point plays for a reason…