Diamond Westbrook

Anyone else like this card for tto having more fun with him than opals and I swear he better than the PD

He more of a tto card but he is usable in mtu

I like him in tto

Use a tall PG and Westbrook at PF
Change the matchup and Westbrook is useable in MTU

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Don’t really play mtu gets boring tto is quick I have a newborn so I can’t really be locked in a game for 25 minutes


He is a beast in MTU I love him

Diamond Westbrook ratings are better than the PD if you do the comparision. Juiced Defence and Rebounding stats.

I’ve been using him with Ben Simmons, been really fun to use.


Just ran him at C with dray at PG and switched match ups. Man that was fun. He was dancing all over and around Manute. His release is insanely butter. Dropped 25 without missing.

Ran the lineup off the bench so that the opponent couldn’t see in the lineup screen and adjust straight away


Hes just a walking bucket. I haven’t used a “PG” like this in a loooonggggg time. I like stone cold shooters at point but this Westbrook is soooo explosive and he can shoot.

He has 93 Interior D with Malone he can guard big PGs. I just hate he has big man takeovers mine is stuck with Glass :man_facepalming:


:smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Been doing this as well and I have to say I went right at their C’s neck isolating him in 5 out until they either quit or realize they have to assign him to someone else haha!

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Issue is smart people will switch quickly, haha

Mine too, too bad. Also he can’t cancel his hesi into a dribble…
I remember At me Bro said the pink Westbrook was the best dribbler in MyTeam at the time, this diamond looks pretty ass to me dribbling wise.
Luckily I just need to spam turbo most of the times haha

That’s very true! If they have a very slow center I will relentlessly hunt him though :rofl:

A slow C with just gold clamps can be isoed by Isaac or Rodman for example, so I keep going haha!

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How are Rodman’s handles? Tried him out but only really shot with him before selling back, so slow, haha

Hmm maybe I should check that out so I can see what go to moves are good for Westbrook.

Imagine if he could hesi cancel with a big chasing him lmao

He’s not a dribbler I’d recommend to iso with by any means, but they are serviceable when needed . If he’s staring at some cards like amy/pink Shaq, Manute, amethyst Bagley he can definitely put them in the blender

Yeah, he would fake them out of their shoes :rofl:


Just watched @At_Me_Bro_Show video on PD Westbrook it looks like his main weapons are:

Canceling the hesi into a shot
His stepback into crosses
Left trigger hesi into the step back
Momentum btb
Crossover BTB (the Bol Bol special lol)
Between the legs BTB

This move for him has its own video:

Basically a pre patch BTB I dont know if it gets stuns like the old move though havent tried it in game.

His videos are extremely helpful. Its myteam scouting and coaching basically. S-Tier content.


I just ran Brodie, Reddish and Dino in TTO and ran into Bron, Thon and TMAC. His cards and 2k not giving me usual greens kept it closer than it should be but I still beat him by like 5. These budget cards can hold their own for sure.

Oh and you know he off balled… :man_facepalming:

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Why did 2k have to make Westbrook a center legit why