Diamond Vince or diamond Mitchell?

I have Mitchell but I have enough mt if I sell him to get diamond Vince. I feel like Mitchell has the better stats but Vince has the size and pretty much the same stats. What should I do keep Mitch or sell him and get Vince

Mitchell better defense/offense

Height is the only downside

kobe :slight_smile:

I have mitchell and he is a god, but his size could be a problem. I defend zone 2-3, so it’s not a problem for me, but if you defend 1vs1 maybe vince is a better option.

I’d go with Carter unless you’re looking for a PG. Mitchell is just too short.

I just can’t compare them, it’s Vince 100% for me

What i observe in Sm is almost all top cheesers have both in their lineups :slight_smile: