Diamond to PD token rewards

Diamond to PD token rewards

I just redeemed lopez and rider from diamond market. Should i just redeem the rest and get millsap? i have 1100 tokens

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I mean, if you want to use millsap right now then go for it. None of the other diamonds are usable

I really like pd Millsap for what it’s worth

Reggie is really good, his position is just loaded

Yah I have yet to try I have him tho. But yes. Loaded at the 2/3

He’d be a great point guard, cash shot and the best crossover in the game

The rewards on the board right now are trash. I got enough tokens to get a couple PDs but I’m still on the Ruby board. 2K will drop cards that are actually good, in a couple of months of you can hold out.

I got a team full of beast free cards from the Spotlight Challenges so I’m not tempted to touch the Trash Token Reward Market

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Besides millsap is anyone decent ? I’m about to redeem millsap but might just stack tokens after that if y’all say the rest suck balls .

Cousy, rider and Lopez are great fwiw

I don’t know honestly. I’m kind of in the same boat. Grabbed Rider and Lopez and didn’t even bother redeeming anything else.

Lewis and Milsap aren’t game changing enough for me to spend right now. When I can get enough to get my first Opal I’ll revisit but I can’t let 2k win. Only dropping 5 cards was a slap In the face.


Agreed. Earlier in the year Cousy carried me through Domination until I managed to get a hold of Stockton. HoF Floor General and Gold Dimer along with HoF Giant Slayer were clutch.

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Just can’t dunk, A+ everything else even without shooting badges

You mine as well at least get Millsap because you need 8 of them anyways and no other PD is worth it besides the new ones. Unless you wanna hoard all tokens and wait for the perfect MJ and shit to hit token market. That’s what I’m doing unless we get must have PDs in the future (doubt it)

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I’m in a similar situation myself. Have like 1200 tokens. Need to redeem 8 more amethysts, all the diamonds, and then can grab 2 PD’s.

Last year did you need to be in the opal market already to grab the perfect cards that were like 1500 tokens? I wasn’t really playing at that time. If not, I think I’ll just keep my tokens. I’ve played against Millsap a few times and he was really solid, but not game changing and he’ll be outclassed before we know it.

Didn’t need to redeem anything to get them

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true, but there is no 3000 token reward this year

I could see the prime series III reward being a massive amount of tokens, similar to that. Then they drop similar all 99 stats cards to last year plus maybe Giannis. That’s purely a guess on my part of course