Diamond Tmac Vs PD Kobe

I’m MT poor atm and in been killing it with my squad lately . But PD Kobe looks enticing (the diamond was hardbody) do you think I should make some moves and pick him up ? And when?
I would have to move maybe pippen and Tmac and maybe unload Arenas who I no longer play .

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You experiencing some massive eq with this lineup? Whenever I go 4+ PDs its a 50 50 game split for me.

Not really tbh brother , Tmac puts a an easy 25+ and AD play up to his stats , I find G Hill takes the hardest eq hit

C) Limited B-Roy


More power to you!

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I’ll be benching TMac while I try out Kobe for a while. So far he’s ok, but this shot is too slow for my taste.

If you dont like tmacs jumper not sure youll like kobes unless they sped the PD up a bit

I love TMac’s. I don’t like Kobe’s.


Is Kobe’s release like harden speed?

Would you say it’s slower then G Hills or around the same? He’s the only one i’ve really felt people closing out and effecting the shot due to being “slower”

Spot up shooting is on around the same leve, haven’t tested Kobe’s dunking but it should be better because of badges an Tmac’s lack of stamina.
Defense is clearly on Kobe’s side.

I also dislike Tmac’s moving shot animation, Kobe is leagues better for me in shot creating department.

I’d get rid of that Klay, too one dimensional at this stage. I prefer both Tmac and Kobe to him.

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Kobe’s moving shot is cash


Similar to Grant Hill’s. A hair faster than that.

Kobe Spot Up Shot = :poop:
Kobe Moving Shot = :moneybag:


With difficult shots hof gg

Bingo, we have a winner!

Pd Kobe’s standing shot can be faster than d Tmac’s. Someone better check 2klabs data but difference is not significant. Roy is too fast for both as we all know.

are you asking if pd kobe is better than di tmac?

if so, yes of course


I think kobe is the more all around player than diamond tmac. Tmac is the better 3 point shooter due to the fact that he has HOF Limitless.
But kobe has HOF defensive stopper making him a complete player.

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