Diamond Tatum coming all star weekend

He’s in the skills competition. Diamond Tatum incoming

I dunno if thats how it works.

Hes gotta win first lmfaoo


we getting a PD dirk too once he wins the 3pt contest


They have to win, King Dinwiddie won last year.

I wonder if they’ll go all-in and give the All-Star MVP a GO?

Depending on who wins it gonna be a problem

PD dirk with 15 speed


Bron won last year? I forgot. I like that this drafting system has made them give a bit of a shit again. I love AD, but when they just fed him the ball and got out of his way in '17 it came off as disingenuous.

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All Star captains are revealed today. Think 2K gives them a new card like last year?


Lol, what if Giannis gets a Cap. PD that’s better than the Anni.

Its looking like it’ll be Giannis & LBJ.

West captain should be Luka


I won’t trust any PD LeBron until it sits in my collection for at least a week undisturbed.


Lmao ik he has to win, but he’s going to that’s why I said it :joy:

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I’m selling Giannis just in case

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I could see a diamond giannis just to make a better card ofhis more attainable for the masses. Or just re release the anni one

Quite the risk

Ehhh I was gon sell anyways I got Worthy and Webber coming soon I want to get the most out of my giannis

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Need to happen 6’8 … cheese