Diamond Steve Smith

Is an absolute sniper. Beautiful release. Fits right into the all hawks team. I know a lot of people won’t use him but if you need a shooter he’s your man!


Miles and miles better than peja


Clyde Drexler still better right? Not worth replacing him?

where would u guys run ingram and smith?

First game played with him

Haven’t played with Ingram but I would prolly run him at the 2. I run smith between the 2 and the 3 depending on who the other team is running. I don’t want a bigger guy guarding Smith because his release isn’t slow but it can be contested. Plus I like the trail threes that running him at the three offers

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Clyde is way more athletic and better defensively. Smith is the more effective shooter

Humm… Might pick him up for fun. Why not? I’m not sure I’ll ever save up 750 tokens for a Opal anyway.

That’s damn sure a no on my end

Ingram and Ariza are nice budget players released today

He is nice for sure 6 hof badges including drd. for sure a sniper. Silky release

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Really want Smith and Ingram I should be deep into the diamond board by the time I finish All Time Dom.

I don’t think Steve Smith fits the meta for your team lol he’s only 6”7

My line up as of today.

I run multiple line ups. Smitty is actually a family friend though. They dont have his height right though he was 6 foot 8.

Back to a normal lineup. I like it!

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You feel like they nerfed bill a little bit? His post moves and the animations I’m getting don’t feel the same. He’s becoming less effective for me on the offensive end

I sure hope not but I havent used him in the post often. I have that Orange CP3 shoe on him so maybe thats why. Im just trying to sprint to the basket with him and draw fouls or hit a corner 3.

Hes actually been the guy Im having the most fun scoring with because they gave him a super OP dunk package.

If he has been nerfed thats BS.

Could just be me. The dunking and defense are still there. But my post game has suffered. Not bullying people like he wAs in the beginning. Getting terrible animations in the post now