Diamond Steve kerr

Is it worth paying that much for him? I have D’antoni right

If u dont mind losing speed increase for your pf and c then do it. Thats the reason why i sold him

I have dantoni and im thinking of selling him for Stevens or Pop. I just seem to get outrebounded in the craziest ways. I mean Ive had Ruby KAT and other out rebounding Limited PD KAJ on some bullshit and the only reason I can think of is Dantoni causes bad rebounding

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Could you tell a huge difference? My bigs are PD KAJ, Amy Embiid and PD Issell

What is Kerr boosting?

Casey increases rebounding.

Does he increase 3pt or speed?

This is like the only regular card I have never pulled. I’ve only pulled Stevens once and Pop twice. Relative to the number of packs I’ve ripped that’s absurd I must say.

He increases Open 3 and Moving 3 and all Mids. As well as Ball Control on some guys

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Who’s the best diamond coach? Kerr right?

I avoid Kerr, Dantoni, and Casey all because of the playbook glitch lol

I sold him a couple weeks ago but he would boost their rebounds but not there speed and 3 ball on some bigs. He felt great from 1-3. I just value speed and 40k profit lol

I’m going to try pop with the team I have now I have shooters so I don’t really need the 3 boost as people still miss wide open regardless

As time goes on, 3 point coaches will become pointless. Strength and rebounds will be everything. I packed a pop couple days ago but put him back up till later on


I use Stevens, strenght and def bonuses for 1-3 slot are amazing stuff.

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Does Pop boost Center’s mid range open jumpers? I have D’antoni and was hoping Kareem got a boost at mid range, but he only gets +4 open 3 which doesn’t do anything for Kareem.

I rely mostly on freelance sets then known plays if available

I am yet to pack a diamond coach too, even from amys I had only Casey once. And I am quite sure I ripped more than you :frowning:

Why are you taking Mids with KAJ? Just post and fade or hook. I swear I can hook almost to the top of the circle.

I don’t think it really affects rebounding, I kill people on the boards with my all-Sixers squad and Dantoni.