Diamond simmons w grey yellow kobes 32.5k

Somebody needs to go buy him i cant belive he still up. Stock Ben is 30k its a good deal

lollll no disrespect to your card man but imagine using a diamond in august of 2018

Idk what that means lol but i play guys all day long that dont have all pd lineups. Whats wrong w a diamond? Its a 99ovr its not like i shld quicksell it :joy::joy:

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I prefer this card to the PD, less EQ. Still run him.

The end is here! I’m so sad too lol. I’m sitting on my diamond ben with red kyries. I think I just have to accept this game is done :frowning:

I do too. So i dont get it? Lol

Ive never been diamond shamed b4 :joy::joy::ok_hand:

Shame on your diamonds! PD or SHAME! haha. What’s your lineup looking like now?

Pd wade n rose pgs pd mitchell n lou will 2s diamond shame carmello n pd kawhi 3s pd dirk pd timmy 4s pd towns 5

But i got diamond ben n 98 kobe up for auction so i can pick up 98 lebron for the wade duo

And ill prob grab jr for the melo duo n bench lou