Diamond Siakam is a Beast! Giannis stopper with a Jumper! (Video)

Diamond Siakam is a Beast! Giannis stopper with a Jumper! (Video)

Beast card, good versatile badges for shooting (HOF Catch and Shoot, Gold Quick Draw, HOF Contact Finisher and HOF Defensive Leader to name a few). Nice animations and great defense, only downsize are they severely underrated his ball-handling as either him or Blake are the best ball-handling PF’s in the league.

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[VIDEO]: https://youtu.be/Og85Y3NWNkk

I concur. My favorite card from that drop for sure. HoF post spin at SF? Yes please. I don’t use my 3’s as major ball handlers, so he’s perfect.


Even with his ball control he’s been my main bench scorer. Deadly from the triple threat and can finish any way you need but is amazing at hop dunks.

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Yea he’s a taller Elgin Baylor!

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Only picked him up for 30k last night should be at least 100k with the way he plays


Man is everywhere on the court. Him and giannis hellluva 1-2


Would be nice to see both of them in Toronto



Tbh it might happen. If Giannis doesn’t stay in milwaukee raps on a short list. Player development and Masai connection big selling points. Also the team in Toronto ain’t bad lol. Giannis wants to win. If bucks can’t do that for him he is gunna go elsewhere. Losing brogdan def rubbed him the wrong way.

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I can’t see him going to GSW. But tbh it’s weird thinking of him in any other jersey other than bucks lol.

It would be a good fit. Also, Giannis as a personality is quite humble and quiet, so i don’t believe he’d want to go to NY or LA etc etc. Canada would suit him nicely.

But tbh, he will stay in Milwaukee. Besides the money thing (i think only Milwaukee can offer him that huge 250 million contract), he likes it there, he’s been there since he was 18 years old, the city and fans embraced him etc etc.

But just for the sake of discussion, i’d like Toronto.



Im just saying what I’ve been reading. Not the only one who thinks there might be a connection

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I’d love to see Giannis in Dallas…
Euro Big 3 with Porzingod and Luka… GG

It’s time for him to graduate from the small milauwakee market and into the big stage! Toronto has a decent Greek population too. He could settle in nicely at the Taste of the Danforth lol.


Can he hold his own in the paint?

He jumps off the screen literally. Excels at everything just about.


Yeah the card is crazy. Hit 2 clutch 3s late in the 4th that I just knew would be bricks…both were greens. Clamped up his Diamond Bron with ease too.

Giannis should go to the mavs. That would start a dynasty.