Diamond shoes in 2K21

Everyone that did the lillard challenge post which shoe you got and stats… I’m trying to make a list of them in a sheet document like we had last year

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I found this one on facebook, it’s the same from 2k20 but different stats

Not from Dame challenge but I packed this from the defensive badge pack you get through the season rewards which was surprising


I always get excited for new shoes in the game. Definitely keep that one, a 3pt shoe will have crazy value

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So I guess it’s +3 boosts from DI Shoes like 2K20…wonder if we’ll also have varying number of Ratings they boost.

Would be interesting if we had +5 shoes again. That way the +3 shoes would be much much more affordable

Oh wait…we had +5 shoes?

I hardly paid attention to them in 2K20. I ended the cycle with 5 or 6 in inventory that I intended to save for either an endgame card, or to sell for endgame cards…and did neither.

On 2k20 all of them are +3. On nba2k19 we had +5 each atributte extra with shoes

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I was thinking about 2k19. The last year we had badges that could be added so maybe +5 shoes back too? :thinking:

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Btw anyone that is in the game can send me some screens of shoes from the auction house