Diamond shoe suggestion

Don’t know who to put this shoe on… i was thinking of diamond iggy as long as he is my ball handler. Suggestions?



Really? Cause i run kawhi at the 3 and iggy at the 1 so i tought it was better on iggy! Which shoe is the best for iguodala?


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Which ones? That boost what?

I would say the best for Iggy is that black/white Jordan boosting open 3, open mid, acc and pass accuracy.

But this shoe right here is definitely for Kawhi.

I have this shoe on my Kawhi.

Maybe I can ask this here… I’ve got the Jordan diamond defensive shoe and also the blue Nike defense shoe… What should I do with them?! Haha

This is a good shoe for MJ and Kobe. Both can use boosts to ball control and passing.