Diamond Shoe Help

I want to liquidate most of my auctionable players and use what I can’t sell.

I have Amethyst Stockton and Worthy, and would like to know what the best cheaper diamond shoes for each would be? Anything under 20K.

I play offline so don’t confuse me using Stockton for being an idiot / trash.

A post fade shoe for worthy would be great. For Stockton maybe a cheap moving three shoe. they Jordan moving shoes seem to be pretty cheap.

For Stockton those black Jordan XXXI could be good. Boost his latQ, pass, midopen, swb, stlyup.

For Worthy I’d say:

LeBron 15 South Beach. Boost = pass, postO, PdefIQ, close, swb


Orange/white Jordan’s. Boost = foul, dunk, speed, pass, steal

They’re all usually quite cheap too

I used grey Jordan’s on Worthy that boost SWB off dribble 3 and driving layup