Diamond Shoe Help!

Pulled a Diamond KOBE A. D. “+9 Layup, +9 Close, +9 Mid Move, +9 open 3, +9 SWB”
from the weekly league pack (Pre Order Bonus) Don’t know which player to put it on. Thinking 97 Lebron, Diamond KD, Hakeem, Pippen. Cousins, Jokic, Webber or PD Ball. Who benefits best?


Hakeem for the speed boost on offense and of course the obvious, to make his open 3 OP.

I like the idea on Hakeem but I guess I want to put it on a player that is auctionable.

97 LeBron goes for 40-50k more with this shoe

Malone could be a good option too.

Yeah someone suggested Karl Malone in 2kmt Central. Don’t have Malone thou.