Diamond shoe for Thurl Bailey

So, Thurl Bailey has been overperforming for me as a versatile stretch big, and it’s the closest thing I can afford to a GO Worthy or D AK47.
He has been much better than Bob Love simply because of size and speed. Size and animations trump everything in this game, so, for example, Thurl’s 80 rebounding at 6’11 feels 2x better than Love’s 90 at 6’8.

That said, I want to add him a D shoe. Should I go with the Air Jordan 3, to boost Speed, ball control and driving layup? Or with a swb shoe? Maybe the South Beach Bron to improve low post D as well as swb?

He does feel decently fast with the ball, certainly much faster than his 69 swb would say. Is it better to boost speed or swb in your opinion?

Thanks a lot!

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I ended up giving him a pair of CP3s I sniped. Now whenever he goes into sharp takeover he can speed boost and his LQ is now a 93. He can effectively guard 1-4, shoot from anywhere, and he’s a 6’11 speed booster. Gross lol

Ah CP3 would be nice too, since a boost to his contested 3 is certainly very useful.
I sniped a red Kobe for 20K last week, not sure if I want to give it to Thurl though

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What coach do you run?

Black Jordans

Thurl w/CP3 + D’antoni = Diamond Tier

AJ3 is what I used. He speedboosts in takeover with it

I use a ruby G&G coach! Off the top of my head, boosts for a PF are going to be driving layup, on ball IQ, low post IQ, help defense, post control, Def rebound

They look perfect for him and are cheap, thanks a lot mate!