Diamond Shai

On Xbox guys he is up for bid at 465,600 but he is BIN. What’s going on?? :man_shrugging:t4:


Iranian coin sellers targetting US gamers


That’s just the first one. There are plenty of morons willing to put stupid prices on the first cards that end. Could be 2k manipulation, but I believe it’s 13 year olds with too much MT than they know what to do with. I wish I could see them face to face when they see how badly they overpaid for zero reason at all. Give them the Nelson point and laugh from Simpson’s.

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It’s usually YouTubers who need to get gameplays out ASAP. Same guy with the 400K+ bid also probably bought one as soon as it hit buyout and got his gameplay out already. MT doesn’t matter when you make money on a video based on how quickly you get it out.

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I’m familiar with the YouTube community and all, but there’s no way you can convince me that having the very first gameplay out is that much of a make or break deal financially, compared to putting one out 2 hrs later. Most people just wait for the YTers they know to put it out anyways. I respect the grind, but that’s still absolute stupidity if that’s the case.

I just posted my Shai on PS4 for a mini snipe, 75k with a diamond speed with ball shoe, I think the cheapest right now is 70k and the cheapest shoe is 15k


I would believe that if the card didn’t go for BIN if it was a youtube he had to wait 4 hours to get that shai when people had him right when he dropped

So anyway, how do you guys like using him?? You already sold him back, why?