Diamond Rondo

Does anybody use the diamond, how much better is he than his Amy? Can he defend bigger SF at PG?

I don’t know what it is but 2k got it right with Rondo in the game, he is the ultimate dimer. I know he has Hof dimer but it’s just something about his cards even more than Lonzo (only used the sapphire and Amy), but when he feeds somebody that shot almost always falls. It’s crazy. He has sick dribble animations too and makes the craziest layups. I can’t imagine how good that diamond is.

i want this card so bad. but i also want diamond cp3 lol. so torn

Same here. Cant find any on xbox1.

I wish I bought Rondo when he was BIN a few times. I swore he was going to drop. I saw one go for 210k earlier

theres one up right now. diamond shoe. red kyries. i want it so bad. but know its gunna go for so much

Thx, currently I am the highest bidder :slight_smile:

I’m waiting til Friday when there’ll be some BINs available. I’m saving these diamond currys for him and gonna badge him out :heart_eyes:

Wow sby already outbid my 150k… and 3+ hours left. Damn, I also think a lot about the 150k. Thats too much.

Yeah, when the new promo drops, there is a lot of panic sells. Hope we can see more Rondos on the AH then. I love to play with a traditional playmaker, and irl he is one of my favourite + hof defense…

Putting up rondo now with diamond 3 shoe

Which console?


Completely badged out diamond 3 shoe that gives driving layup open 3 shot close speed with ball

Rondo up now fully badged diamond 3 shoe with 50 contracts at 4 hours

Eh, couldn’t wait til Friday after all. I got the basic diamond card for 107k. I’m gonna throw these currys on him and badge him out myself

you won’t regret cp3… the dude runs my whole offence and locks down if you know how to hold your own on the sticks. also step back jumpers are cash. i use diamond kareem as my center and the 2 combined with more than 30 hof badges just do work.

im torn between what im.gunna do. such a big decision. thing with choosing chris is that i wont get that mt.back. if i go magic and bird route then i can sell back those two players. tough choice. but that paul card looks so sexy lol

whats that rondo at now .

180k, 1:30 hours left…

I just bought mine for 100k. Without any diamond contract or shoe.

Oladipo was a great fit next to my Kobe, so I really hope it works. Now Oladipo will replace MJ in the bench. If it not works, I have to sell Rondo cause I already have a PD Lonzo for my bench for this role.

BIN? That’s good!