Diamond Rondo, PD Dirk 2k18 XB1

Hey folks, really in need of PD dirk and AD on 2k18 - if anyone knows if they have them please let me know and I can buy them from you! Also after diamond kyrie:)) <3

Didn’t we request you to upgrade :slight_smile:

yeah but fuck spending as much money on 2k19 as i did 2k18, so just need a couple more cards to finish me off in 2k8 you know - if theres anyone you might know who could hook me up, let me know :slight_smile:

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Haha sure man , I skipped 2k18 , guess there are people on here who still play 18

yeah hoping people might have those cards on their old 2k18 who wouldnt mind selling them to me

still urgently looking for both cards fellas, help would be much appreciated <3

some people are messaging me about ps4, its xb1 boys

Someone help this brotha out.! That dirk is sexy

I played 17 for almost three years dude just gave up like October when i couldn’t find any online games anymore

Pretty sure servers are done on 2k17 lol

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I still have Perfect MJ, Bron, PD Magic, PD Ben Simmons, PD Embiid and some others, though I’d have to redownload the whole game to see who’s left.

If u trust me i can check for u. I got the game downloaded still. Buddy really wants dirk and AD lol. Trying to help him out. If not i totally get it :slight_smile:

I appreciate the offer, but I’m paranoid about that sort of thing (no offense intended).

No offense taken my friend :slight_smile:

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Yo man could you maybe reinstall for me? I’ve got one guy doing it for me now so he can check, would appreciate it soooooo much! Been trying to hunt em down for so long haha

Downloading the game again, I’ll let you know who I still have.

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Ur a good man

I still have the following, most with contracts/shoes:

  • PDs: Magic, Perfect MJ, Perfect LeBron, Hakeem, Ben Simmons, Kobe Bryant, Giannis, Bird
  • Diamonds: Wilt, Draymond, Kirilenko, Stojakovic, Duncan, Isiah, Boogie, Jason Richardson, Havlicek, KAT, Pierce, Joe Johnson, Ginobli, J.R.,
  • Amethysts: An absolute shit-ton

Thanks for downloading it bro! I PM’d you <3

Still in need of all 3 cards fellas