Diamond Ron Artest

Do any of you guys run him? I don’t have access to his amethyst so I’m not sure what to expect. I think he can wear all shoes so I’m putting a +6 bc +9swb +3 driving layup gold shoe on him. He seems like he would be elite with those attributes and the right badging. I know his release sucks but how are his dribble animations, dunking and contested layups?

He is extremely good. I still even use AMY ARTEST from time to time.

His shot is slow so you’ll need to badge him with gold drd. Otherwise he’s a beast

He plays like a better version of his amethyst (honestly not trying to be a dick lol)

Use him in the same way, sign him to whoever is giving you problems on the other team

The amy is very good on defense, although short. He has a very bulked model, looks very large. That is great if you pair that with a super high strenght. His shot form is bad for me, too slow, but you aren’t shooting much with Artest anyways.
The amy can’t handle the ball, don’t know about the diamond

Diamond is in top5 budget beasts in this game. (among diamonds). Def must have if u have limited mt and looking for a 3&D guy.

He is good, sure. And he actually hit many shots from me. I didn’t try to score with him but he ends up as the forgotten man on offense pretty often. But the problem with him is that it’s hard to run an offense with a guy like that in the lineup. Since the game is so broken, you pretty much need all of your players to be able to shoot or slash to a degree. And he didn’t feel great for me. I sold him and use amy Durant. He feels so much better. But diamond Artest is a very good player for what he is. He got a lot of steals and can hit shots. I’m just not very comfortable with him.

Deep range deadeye helps a lot in the contested shots… personally I like his release.
And he has cutter plays!

No offense at all, but this part doesn’t make any sense to me. There are countless solutions to run an offense with a mediocre offensive player on the floor.

He’s great. I had him w/ Diamond Curry Lows. I finally just upgraded to Kahwi for the helluva it. Honestly, this being my 2nd time trying Kahwi, I could see him not making my squad in the long-term. He’s invisible on offense. Jimmy Butler is MUCH better.

Kawhi invisible or Metta?

Kahwi is invisible on offense. Metta hit a lot of open 3s for me. Maybe Kahwi’s offensive tendencies are the problem. I’ll have to go take a look.

Really!? I was just about to make a thread on how good this Kawhi is. Do you typically have issues scoring with your SF in general or justvwith Kawhi? Maybe it’s your offense you run. But this Kawhi is insane for me. My last game he went on a personal 10-0 run in which every bucket was a steal-to-one-man-fastbreak-dunk. So obviously he’s good on defense but I’ve been hitting crazy fadeaways amd leaners with him too. In the post, slashing, catch n shoot. He does it all.


Try him as SG then we talk :slight_smile:

He is at SG. I’ve only run 3 games with him. I’ll do a larger sample before coming to a conclusion.

When you’ve got such a stacked lineup with all the top cards… there’s going to be guys left out not getting enough shots to make a significant impact offensively… how’s he do in other areas like defense, rebounding, passing??


Ppl don’t consider this often enough. Sure, every guy on your team CAN average 20 a game but you would have to score 200 for all of them too u know?

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Exactly, I thought my diamond KD wasn’t putting up like he should until I switched up the line-ups a bit and he became the focal point of his own unit. You only need so much firepower and then guys that fit together for you in your play style.

I run diamond artest as by backup 3. His release is still trash af, but the DEFENSE MY GOD! I’m just a Ron Artest fan from his days with the Bulls so I’m biased when it comes to him. But i was able to pick up Diamond Artest with a Diamond 3shoe and he’s been good for me so far. I don’t need him to be a god on the offensive end, just clamp up on D, grab boards, harass the other team, and he’s perfect for that.

I wouldn’t say his release is objectively bad like say KGs… Just that it’s a bit slow. It is quite easy to green imo

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